Monday, June 05, 2006

Just Seeping...

Am I missing something? Why start... try to be a writer and there is nothing in
there to write about?

Things will just come out if you just start, they
always do.

How do I know? Every time I think of something, unless I
write it down, I forget about it. I know it was a good idea, but then NOTHING...

Yeah, but you have to try. You wrote something about writers block a
while back and the way you started was to just write something, so, put it down,
type it out.

That's how it all started. I just started writing. After a while, it did just start coming out, it just seemed to flow. No, not in the perfect English I had practiced for so long, but more or less just the way I would have a conversation with someone.

Is it my imagination or reality? I have no idea, but it seems real to me. And that's all that really matters. If it works for you, OK. If not, then don't intrude, leave me to my own devices.

You can come along for the ride, but if you read the first entry about the Glowing Pebble, then you have a general idea of where my mind goes, where I wander, and maybe how I got there. But, I hope you never guess the ending, because I never know it until it actually happens.

Join me in my quest for whatever is out there, and hopefully, we can find it together. I will always allow comments so you can give an alternative ending if you think you have found something better.